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Business Listings

Our location listings are by area or county and include Fairs, antique centres, antique shops, private dealers etc. Here are some examples, click to view and scroll below map to view listings:
Kent and East sussex
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

We offer two listings options:

Free Listing

You get a simple listing on our fairs diary or location directory. It includes your address and a flag on our locations map. Free listings listings appear below Premium Listings.
You can submit a business location free listing here:

Premium Listings

In addition to appearing in our listings and locations map, a premium listing includes a link to your site and links to your stock items. Please contact us for further information.

Websites for Antique Dealers, Shops and Centres

Silver Package

£130 per year

Our entry level package is ideal if you are new to the web. It gives you a Premium Listing in our location listings directory and allows you to showcase your premises, services and location with photographs. You also get to try out our full catalogue facility with a stock limit of 30 items. This allows you to quickly and easily get a small selection of your stock online and displayed alongside other dealer's items on our high traffic main site catalogue with the minimum of fuss. (Please note this is 30 items in total and not 30 items at any one time).

You'll also be given a corner of the web to showcase your stock with your own unique web address. This includes links to email, location and contact details to help drive business.

Sample sites


Aire Valley Antiques
(Restorer / Dealer)

Old Bakery Antiques

St. Crispin Antiques Centre

A great option for restorers, clock dealers or anyone who may have a small amount of stock. The Silver Package may also be a good option for centres or dealers who might not be geared up to manage an online catalogue quite yet, but wish to take full advantage of a premium position in our location listings. You also have the option to upgrade to a Gold Package at any time.

Premium Location Listing

Your Own Web Site on Atlas

Web Control Panel

Currency Conversion

Upload up to 30 items of stock.

A Link to your own website

Free Setup

Gold Package

£40 per month**
based on 12 month payment of £480, shorter term periods available, see below for details

By far our most popular package. Includes everything from the Silver Package, a premium location listing and Antiques Atlas site, with the catalogue facility increased to 400 items of stock a year (approx 33 items per month).

The options are:-

Trial the site for £130 for 3 months with an upload of 100 items.

Thereafter renewals are:

6 months for £250 with an upload of 200 items.
12 months for £480 with an upload of 400 items.

Sample sites


Aberdeen Antique Centre

Artsoutine Arts and Antiques

Debden Antiques and Interiors

Premium Location Listing

Your Own Web Site on Antiques Atlas

Web Control Panel

Currency Conversion

Upload upto 400 items per year,(approx 33 items per month).

A Link to your own website

Paypal facility for stock

Stock on location listings pages

Free Setup

Platinum Package

£48.34 per month
+ one off £350 set up fee***

Our Platinum Package offers a fully featured bespoke site that's hosted independently with your own domain name (e.g. plus you get everything from the Gold Package too.

Please note sites will be charged £48.34 x the number of months.

Two options are available:-

6 months = 6 x £48.34 = £290 + £10 (admin) = £300
12 months = 12 x £48.34 = £580

You'll have all the advantages of a professional hosted site; your own domain, custom email addresses, stats, access logs and you're able to implement tools such as google analytics, adwords, etc. if you wish. We'll work closely with you to bring your web site ideas to life and create a unique site for you.

Sample sites


Mike Melody Antiques

Red House Antiques
(Platinum Site)

Red House Antiques (Gold Site)

Prichard Antiques

Prichard Antiques
Heritage Argyle Antiques

Heritage Argyle Antiques

Cooper Events


Church Street Antiques

Deveron Jewellers

Cullompton Antiques


V & A Fairs

Cove Clocks

Cooper Events


Textiles and Stuff

Ledger Brothers Antiques

Afonwen Antique Centre

What makes Antiques Atlas special is that we'll integrate your Platinum site with our tried and tested Web Control Panel. Which means you'll get all the conveniences of being able to upload and manage stock easily online. And unlike the other packages, where we ask that your items are antique in nature, you're free to add anything you like to your Platinum site and any uploads will show up immediately.

That's not to say items won't appear on the main site. We throw in a Antiques Atlas Gold site too. So you'll still benefit from being a part of Antiques Atlas network with items showcased throughout the high traffic Antiques Atlas site giving your stock excellent exposure.

For Platinum users the Web Control Panel has a couple of extras...

Easily update web pages

The Control Panel will let you keep site pages updated with fresh content. For instance, you may want a 'news' section or to be able to regularly change the content on a 'FAQ' page or 'testimonials' page. This can be achieved without any technical html know-how directly from the Control Panel. Currently we only offer 1 updateable page as part of the current package, just let us know which one and we'll set it up for you.

Your own categories

Platinum sites aren't restricted to the Antiques Atlas categories. The Control Panel allows you to enter and change your own categories and sub categories really easily.

Platinum Package gives you a great web presence with full control over your site.

Premium Location Listing

Your Own Web Site on Atlas (Gold Package)

Web Control Panel

Currency Conversion

Upload around 500 items per year. Need more? Get in touch

Paypal facility for stock

Stock on location listings pages

Bespoke Website

Your Own Domain Name

Own Email Address

Visitor Stats on your own domain site.

Stock integrated with Antiques-Atlas. Use the same Web Control Panel to upload your stock and it appears on both the main Antiques-Atlas site as well as your on own domain.

Please note. Joining Antiques Atlas is not based on a client's ability to pay. It is generally not available to members of the public. Typically you need to be an established dealer in the trade with a track record that we can verify.

Even if you satisfy this initial criteria acceptance and renewal on to Antiques Atlas is completely at our discretion and we reserve the right not to offer or not to renew a site based on our own criteria.

Any dealers joining Antiques Atlas are initially put on a trial period for 3 months (cost = £130), 100 items. This way the dealer gets to see if it works for them without making a big financial commitment and we also get to decide if we are happy with the dealer in terms of stock, photography, customer service etc.
After the 3 months, if we are happy with the dealer to continue, they can then opt for the Gold or Silver package, whatever is most appropriate to them. This would normally be on a monthly standing order or annual payment basis.

Due to the large volume of requests to join Antiques Atlas there may be some delay in processing your request.
It is always best to phone first.

Order a Package

Please note. By completing the form below you are not automatically signing up for that particular package. We speak to all our clients prior to setting up a site and reserve the right to refuse admission to the site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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** If you are looking to upload large quantities of stock above the allocations listed please get in touch to discuss your requirements. If you go over your quota of items, there is a small charge of £1 per item thereafter. We reserve the right not to make live any further stock once you have gone over your allocation. This is at our discretion. Dealers on Silver Packages who wish to upload beyond their allocation would be expected to move to a Gold Package.

*** The one off £350 set up fee applies to setting up the basicweb site, design, web server, email address and domain name etc. This is the standard fee, but additional costs may occur for any specific design requirements you may have. Please contact us for details. The Platinum own domain site does not have unlimited uploads to the catalogue, we usually find around 500 items per year is sufficient but if you wish to upload more than that please get in touch.

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