Vintage Industrial Furniture and Storage

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Industrial Trolley Coffee Table£285 $359.7   €332.74 Industrial Trolley Coffee TablePeppermill Antiques Pair Industrial Stools£180 $227.18   €210.15 Pair Industrial StoolsDecorative Modern Upcycled Industrial Stools Electricity Conductors£155.00 $195.63   €180.96 Upcycled Industrial Stools Electricity ConductorsPeppermill Antiques Vintage Plywood Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.42   €64.21 Vintage Plywood Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques
Imperial College London Lab Stools£60.00 $75.73   €70.05 Imperial College London Lab StoolsPeppermill Antiques Black Painted 20thC Cast Iron Industrial Table£500.00 $631.05   €583.75 Black Painted 20thC Cast Iron Industrial TableDoe And Hope Industrial Wind Up/Down Stool  Industrial Wind Up/Down StoolTwojays Corner Antiques Vintage Green Mining Lockers£395.00 $498.53   €461.16 Vintage Green Mining LockersPeppermill Antiques
Grey Sliding Door Cabinet£595.00 $750.95   €694.66 Grey Sliding Door CabinetPeppermill Antiques Industrial Workbench£595.00 $750.95   €694.66 Industrial WorkbenchPeppermill Antiques Vintage Display Trolley£695.00 $877.16   €811.41 Vintage Display TrolleyPeppermill Antiques Vintage Stacking School Chairs£55.00 $69.42   €64.21 Vintage Stacking School ChairsPeppermill Antiques
Metal Sidboard With Timber Top£695.00 $877.16   €811.41 Metal Sidboard With Timber TopPeppermill Antiques Industrial Cart Coffee Table£450 $567.95   €525.38 Industrial Cart Coffee TablePeppermill Antiques Vintage Upcycled Trolley Table£395.00 $498.53   €461.16 Vintage Upcycled Trolley TablePeppermill Antiques Small Industrial Factory Table£395.00 $498.53   €461.16 Small Industrial Factory TablePeppermill Antiques
Large Industrial Kitchen Worktop£1950.00 $2461.1   €2276.63 Large Industrial Kitchen WorktopPeppermill Antiques Vintage Factory Sideboard£1950.00 $2461.1   €2276.63 Vintage Factory SideboardPeppermill Antiques Large Factory Workbench£1950.00 $2461.1   €2276.63 Large Factory WorkbenchPeppermill Antiques Large Factory Sideboard£1950.00 $2461.1   €2276.63 Large Factory SideboardPeppermill Antiques
Industrial Green Bank Of Drawers£595.00 $750.95   €694.66 Industrial Green Bank Of DrawersPeppermill Antiques Vintage Tractor Wheel Poseur Table£995.00 $1255.79   €1161.66 Vintage Tractor Wheel Poseur TablePeppermill Antiques Trolley Cart Table£595.00 $750.95   €694.66 Trolley Cart TablePeppermill Antiques Vintage Upcycled Trolley Sofa£995.00 $1255.79   €1161.66 Vintage Upcycled Trolley SofaPeppermill Antiques
Metal Filing Cabinet£450.00 $567.95   €525.38 Metal Filing CabinetPeppermill Antiques Bakelite Stacking Chairs£55.00 $69.42   €64.21 Bakelite Stacking ChairsPeppermill Antiques Antique Cart Sofa£1200.00 $1514.52   €1401 Antique Cart SofaPeppermill Antiques All Green Straight Leg Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.42   €64.21 All Green Straight Leg Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques