Vintage Industrial Furniture and Storage

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Green Industrial Serving Trolley£245.00 $308.06   €285.67 Green Industrial Serving TrolleyPeppermill Antiques Large Vintage Work Bench Kitchen Table£925.00 $1163.1   €1078.55 Large Vintage Work Bench Kitchen TablePeppermill Antiques Retail Display Stand With Galvanized Trays£595.00 $748.15   €693.77 Retail Display Stand With Galvanized TraysPeppermill Antiques Large Vintage Industrial Sideboard£1950.00 $2451.93   €2273.7 Large Vintage Industrial SideboardPeppermill Antiques
Vintage Olive Buckets£35.00 $44.01   €40.81 Vintage Olive BucketsPeppermill Antiques Goodhall & Hatton Vintage Cart£245.00 $308.06   €285.67 Goodhall & Hatton Vintage CartPeppermill Antiques Vintage Factory Lockers£495.00 $622.41   €577.17 Vintage Factory LockersPeppermill Antiques Blue Industrial Drawers£995.00 $1251.11   €1160.17 Blue Industrial DrawersPeppermill Antiques
Industrial Factory Sideboard£1950.00 $2451.93   €2273.7 Industrial Factory SideboardPeppermill Antiques Large Industrial Sideboard£1950.00 $2451.93   €2273.7 Large Industrial SideboardPeppermill Antiques Plywood Stacking Chairs Dark Blue Frames£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Plywood Stacking Chairs Dark Blue FramesPeppermill Antiques Grey Metal Slatted Stacking Chair£75.00 $94.31   €87.45 Grey Metal Slatted Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques
Vintage Green Cafe Chairs£50.00 $62.87   €58.3 Vintage Green Cafe ChairsPeppermill Antiques Metal Stacking Chairs Grey Frame£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Metal Stacking Chairs Grey FramePeppermill Antiques Bakelite Seat Stacking Chair £55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Bakelite Seat Stacking Chair Peppermill Antiques Blue Frame Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Blue Frame Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques
Vintage Plywood Stacking School Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Vintage Plywood Stacking School ChairPeppermill Antiques Bakelite Seat Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Bakelite Seat Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Metallic Green Stacking Chairs£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Metallic Green Stacking ChairsPeppermill Antiques Army Green Plywood Stacking Chairs£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Army Green Plywood Stacking ChairsPeppermill Antiques
Industrial Purple Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Industrial Purple Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Orange Stacking Chairs Plywood £55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Orange Stacking Chairs Plywood Peppermill Antiques Grey Frame Industrial Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Grey Frame Industrial Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Industrial Orange Plastic Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Industrial Orange Plastic Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques
Industrial Green Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Industrial Green Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Industrial Black Stacking Chair£55.00 $69.16   €64.13 Industrial Black Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Slatted Industrial Metal Stacking Chair£75.00 $94.31   €87.45 Slatted Industrial Metal Stacking ChairPeppermill Antiques Red Metal Slatted Stacking Chairs£75.00 $94.31   €87.45 Red Metal Slatted Stacking ChairsPeppermill Antiques