Vintage Industrial Furniture and Storage

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Vintage Industrial Pine Sideboard£1250.00 $1585.38   €1443.63 Vintage Industrial Pine SideboardPeppermill Interiors Pine Dining Table Industrial Meeting Table£1500.00 $1902.45   €1732.35 Pine Dining Table Industrial Meeting TablePeppermill Interiors Vintage Adjustable Height Machinist Stools£295.00 $374.15   €340.7 Vintage Adjustable Height Machinist StoolsPeppermill Interiors Grey Industrial Sideboard£645.00 $818.05   €744.91 Grey Industrial SideboardPeppermill Interiors
Rustic Wooden Sideboard£1250.00 $1585.38   €1443.63 Rustic Wooden SideboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Industrial Round Dining Table£1600.00 $2029.28   €1847.84 Vintage Industrial Round Dining TablePeppermill Interiors Industrial Metal Base Bar Table£380.00 $481.95   €438.86 Industrial Metal Base Bar TablePeppermill Interiors Large Red Painted Industrial Sideboard£1650.00 $2092.7   €1905.59 Large Red Painted Industrial SideboardPeppermill Interiors
Industrial Green Sideboard Buffet£1445.00 $1832.69   €1668.83 Industrial Green Sideboard BuffetPeppermill Interiors Vintage Blue Painted Cabinet£1345.00 $1705.86   €1553.34 Vintage Blue Painted CabinetPeppermill Interiors Stainless Steel Kitchen Unit £445 $564.39   €513.93 Stainless Steel Kitchen Unit Smiths Vintage 1940s Metal Kitchen Cabinet  1940s Metal Kitchen CabinetKadensek And Ward
Vintage Industrial Vegetable Rack£595.00 $754.64   €687.17 Vintage Industrial Vegetable RackPeppermill Interiors Vintage Industrial Iron Base Dining Table£395.00 $500.98   €456.19 Vintage Industrial Iron Base Dining TablePeppermill Interiors Industrial Wooden Cabinet With Metal Drawers£895.00 $1135.13   €1033.64 Industrial Wooden Cabinet With Metal DrawersPeppermill Interiors Set Of Vintage Iron Chairs£250 $317.08   €288.73 Set Of Vintage Iron ChairsDavid Binder Ltd
Vintage Industrial Blue Oil Drum£275.00 $348.78   €317.6 Vintage Industrial Blue Oil DrumPeppermill Interiors Industrial Vintage Oil Dispenser£275.00 $348.78   €317.6 Industrial Vintage Oil DispenserPeppermill Interiors Vintage Industrial Distressed Sideboard£1295.00 $1642.45   €1495.6 Vintage Industrial Distressed SideboardPeppermill Interiors Industrial Distressed Kitchen Sideboard£1295.00 $1642.45   €1495.6 Industrial Distressed Kitchen SideboardPeppermill Interiors
Industrial Metal Sideboard£995.00 $1261.96   €1149.13 Industrial Metal SideboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Host Stand Maitre D Desk£565.00 $716.59   €652.52 Vintage Host Stand Maitre D DeskPeppermill Interiors Industrial Green Metal Sideboard£1295.00 $1642.45   €1495.6 Industrial Green Metal SideboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Industrial Blue Sideboard£1295.00 $1642.45   €1495.6 Vintage Industrial Blue SideboardPeppermill Interiors
Vintage Industrial Restaurant Waiter Station£630.00 $799.03   €727.59 Vintage Industrial Restaurant Waiter StationPeppermill Interiors Refurbished Vintage Crate Coffee Table£295.00 $374.15   €340.7 Refurbished Vintage Crate Coffee TablePeppermill Interiors Vintage Carpenters Workbench Sideboard£575.00 $729.27   €664.07 Vintage Carpenter's Workbench SideboardPeppermill Interiors Adjustable Height Vintage Bar Table£895 $1135.13   €1033.64 Adjustable Height Vintage Bar TablePeppermill Interiors