Vintage Industrial Furniture and Storage

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Vintage Industrial Filing Cabinet£395.00 $499.68   €461.68 Vintage Industrial Filing CabinetPeppermill Interiors Mid-Century School Chairs£55.00 $69.58   €64.28 Mid-Century School ChairsPeppermill Interiors Vintage Metal Frame Hall Chairs£55 $69.58   €64.28 Vintage Metal Frame Hall ChairsPeppermill Interiors Height Adjustable Crank Table£2895.00 $3662.18   €3383.68 Height Adjustable Crank TablePeppermill Interiors
Metal Industrial Cupboard£495.00 $626.18   €578.56 Metal Industrial CupboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Tractor Wheel Coffee Table£750.00 $948.75   €876.6 Vintage Tractor Wheel Coffee TablePeppermill Interiors Vintage Cart Coffee Table£495.00 $626.18   €578.56 Vintage Cart Coffee TablePeppermill Interiors Industrial Cart Coffee Table£495.00 $626.18   €578.56 Industrial Cart Coffee TablePeppermill Interiors
Industrial Table With Drawers£895.00 $1132.18   €1046.08 Industrial Table With DrawersPeppermill Interiors Industrial Metal Storage Cabinet£495.00 $626.18   €578.56 Industrial Metal Storage CabinetPeppermill Interiors Vintage Mobile Kitchen Island£1595.00 $2017.68   €1864.24 Vintage Mobile Kitchen IslandPeppermill Interiors Industrial Vintage Metal Dining Table£995.00 $1258.68   €1162.96 Industrial Vintage Metal Dining TablePeppermill Interiors
Vintage Blue Cupboard£525.00 $664.13   €613.62 Vintage Blue CupboardPeppermill Interiors Green Metal Server Station£575.00 $727.38   €672.06 Green Metal Server StationPeppermill Interiors Vintage Grey Sideboard£795.00 $1005.68   €929.2 Vintage Grey SideboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Round Tractor Wheel Coffee Table£595.00 $752.68   €695.44 Vintage Round Tractor Wheel Coffee TablePeppermill Interiors
Industrial Shelving Unit£525.00 $664.13   €613.62 Industrial Shelving UnitPeppermill Interiors Mudroom Storage Lockers£895.00 $1132.18   €1046.08 Mudroom Storage LockersPeppermill Interiors Vintage Industrial Desk   Vintage Industrial Desk Eras Of Style Vintage Finn Lie Tilt Chair By Ring Mobelfabrikk.  Vintage Finn Lie Tilt Chair By Ring Mobelfabrikk.Carlton Fine Art & Antique Centre
Vintage Blue Sideboard£1295.00 $1638.18   €1513.6 Vintage Blue SideboardPeppermill Interiors Restaurant Waiter Station£595.00 $752.68   €695.44 Restaurant Waiter StationPeppermill Interiors Vintage Sliding Door Sideboard£750.00 $948.75   €876.6 Vintage Sliding Door SideboardPeppermill Interiors Vintage Grey Console Table£525.00 $664.13   €613.62 Vintage Grey Console TablePeppermill Interiors
Vintage Waiter Station£550.00 $695.75   €642.84 Vintage Waiter StationPeppermill Interiors Vintage Laundry Bin On Wheels£275.00 $347.88   €321.42 Vintage Laundry Bin On WheelsPeppermill Interiors Vintage Slatted Classroom Chairs£75.00 $94.88   €87.66 Vintage Slatted Classroom ChairsPeppermill Interiors Industrial Coffee Trolley Table£525.00 $664.13   €613.62 Industrial Coffee Trolley TablePeppermill Interiors