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Business Description : Exhibit Antiques are a third generation team of antique specialists providing historical glass and other ware to customers worldwide. Explore our collection of antique drinking glasses. We have a range of Georgian wine glasses, tankards and tumblers, antique ale glasses and vintage whisky glasses. For a special occasion, browse our coloured wine goblets and vintage champagne glasses. Browse 18th century to contemporary drinking glasses including port, sherry and gin glasses.The perfect dinner party scene with the introduction of vintage tableware. View our range of antique decanters, bottles and carafes, vintage plates and flasks.

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We can accommodate with antique candle holders, contemporary fruit bowls and centrepieces. Here you will find antique and vintage decor you love. We offer a range of antiques and collectibles including vintage perfume bottles, vintage ornaments and goblets, antique vases and sculptures, even antique jars andcurios. Find your style with this vintage home decor, from Georgian and Victorian antiques to Murano glass and vintage trinket boxes.Although we occasionally attend antique fairs, our focus is online to a worldwide market and utilise UPS for all deliveries. Full returns and refunds are available if unhappy in any way.