Antique Taxidermy

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Antique Tortoise Taxidermy.  Antique Tortoise Taxidermy.Baildon Furniture Company Ltd Vintage Mounted Fallow Deer Buck Head£280.00 $352.44   €327.29 Vintage Mounted Fallow Deer Buck HeadDoe And Hope 2xPairs Vintage Goat & Sheep Horn Mounts£70.00 $88.11   €81.82 2xPairs Vintage Goat & Sheep Horn MountsDoe And Hope Large Set Of Antique Antlers  Large Set Of Antique AntlersMiles Griffiths Antiques Ltd
Taxidermy Glass Dome Birds19 Th C    Taxidermy Glass Dome Birds19 Th C Artsoutine Arts And Antiques A Mounted Taxidermy Raccoon£135.00 $169.92   €157.8 A Mounted Taxidermy RaccoonDoe And Hope Antique Antlers On Oak Plaque  Antique Antlers On Oak PlaqueMiles Griffiths Antiques Ltd Tawny Owl Taxidermy£185 $232.86   €216.25 Tawny Owl TaxidermyAfonwen Antique Centre
Victorian Bird In Glass Dome£140 $176.22   €163.65 Victorian Bird In Glass DomeBaildon Furniture Company Ltd 19thC Antique Loggerhead Turtle Shell£165.00 $207.69   €192.87 19thC Antique Loggerhead Turtle ShellDoe And Hope Mounted Taxidermy Head -Indian Blackbuck£320.00 $402.78   €374.05 Mounted Taxidermy Head -Indian BlackbuckDoe And Hope Victorian Taxidermy Glass Dome  Victorian Taxidermy Glass DomeArtsoutine Arts And Antiques
Lepidopterist Butterfly Chest£290.00 $365.02   €338.98 Lepidopterist Butterfly ChestDoe And Hope Rare Butterflies In Custom Case  Rare Butterflies In Custom CaseMansion House Antiques Antique Turtle Shell£180 $226.57   €210.4 Antique Turtle ShellBaildon Furniture Company Ltd Antique Antler Thermometer  Antique Antler ThermometerMiles Griffiths Antiques Ltd
Mounted Squirrel£98 $123.35   €114.55 Mounted SquirrelAfonwen Antique Centre Victorian Badger  Victorian BadgerEras Of Style Taxidermy: Badger  Taxidermy: BadgerLimited Editions Taxidermy: Scops Owl£115 $144.75   €134.42 Taxidermy: Scops OwlAfonwen Antique Centre
Taxidermy: A Snipe£135 $169.92   €157.8 Taxidermy: A SnipeAfonwen Antiques Centre Taxidermy: French Partridge£165 $207.69   €192.87 Taxidermy: French PartridgeAfonwen Antiques Centre Taxidermy: Tawny Owl£260 $327.26   €303.91 Taxidermy: Tawny OwlAfonwen Antiques Centre Taxidermy Jay£185 $232.86   €216.25 Taxidermy JayAfonwen Antiques Centre
Taxidermy: Robin£65 $81.82   €75.98 Taxidermy: RobinAfonwen Antiques Centre Taxidermy: Jays£89.00 $112.02   €104.03 Taxidermy: JaysAfonwen Antique Centre Taxidermy: Pair Of Merlins£159 $200.13   €185.86 Taxidermy: Pair Of MerlinsAfonwen Antique Centre Taxidermy: Red Partridge£198 $249.22   €231.44 Taxidermy: Red PartridgeAfonwen Antique Centre